24 February | 2024

Lahore, Pakistan

About Us

Welcome to Jarida Daily, an innovative digital newspaper that provides balanced news, views, and news features; blogs of fresh and creative minds; interviews; local and global opportunities; scholarships; education; students affairs, and a lot of more essential things to ambitious young minds. We thrive on feel-good stories that will brighten your mood and well-researched articles that will help you to know things around you. Available on its flagship website –, this youth focused newspaper is an innovator in Pakistan’s digital journalism. We hope to provide a space where young minds can learn something new, and something different so that they can take a break from a stresses of the day, focus on their personalities, and find joy in the little things life has to offer.

Founded by journalist Mr Muhsen Ali Turk on 21 September 2020 on the occasion of the International Day of Peace, Jarida Daily is the most credible source of information for younger generation. Headquartered in Lahore, this digital newspaper is proud to have a team of innovative young professionals, and is known for its accuracy and integrity. We believe that our sovereign editorial policy and balanced presentation of content will be an attraction for our readers. We are following public interest journalism while covering news about Pakistan, business and technology, global and regional news, sports, blogs and off course the lifestyle. We appreciate journalists, writers, bloggers, and citizen journalists for their contributions to various sections of Jarida Daily. We will always encourage readers to discuss and debate on our content and we want to ensure that our platform is an inclusive and a safe space where readers come to seek professionalism and proper discussion.

All comments go through a process of moderation and scrutiny before they are approved to appear on A comment becomes visible on the moment it is approved for publishing. We reserve right to delete comments which violate our guidelines. Language that is offensive to or attacks a person, a group of people or a community on basis of their race, ethnicity, religion, region, age, gender, appearance or disability isn’t permitted. Personal attacks against authors as well as users are not permitted. Comments that can land any party in legal trouble will not be approved.

This applies to defamatory comments, as well as comments that may lead to copyright breach or other applicable Pakistani laws. Comments that directly or indirectly support extremism, terrorism or act of terror, sectarianism, indulge in hate speech, incitement to violence, and/or attack a religion or any belief will be deleted.

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