24 February | 2024

Lahore, Pakistan

Artist couple describes history of miniature paintings in Pakistan

Noureen Rashid explains contours of contemporary art scene; briefs audience about techniques involved in formation of colors and handmade art paper

BRUSSELS: The Pakistan Embassy in collaboration with the Red Moon Art Incubator organized a panel discussion in Brussels on Pakistan’s renowned miniature art at the Chancery.

The event was part of the Pakistan Panorama Series, featuring Pakistani artists, presenting a representative selection of Pakistan’s most interesting and emerging contemporary art to the Belgian audience. The first exhibition of the series took place in December 2022 with young artist Mina Arham.

Whereas, the weeklong exhibition of the miniature paintings by the visiting Pakistani couple held in Brussels. The lead speakers on the panel included renowned miniature artists Shiblee Munir and Noureen Rashid. Red Moon Art Incubator founder and curator Ellora Julie moderated the discussion.

The panelists underscored that Pakistan has produced a number of iconic and world-famous artists, like Sadiquain, Abdur Rehman Chughtai, Ismail Gul Jee, Ustad Allah Bakhsh, Anna Molka Ahmed, Zubaida Agha, etc.

They also highlighted the history and development of miniature art in the Flanders region of Belgium and indicated the cross-cultural influences and linkages between the respective techniques and styles of the various art centers of medieval times.

Shiblee Muneer describes role of his forefathers in development and evolution of miniature art in Pakistan

Speaking on the occasion, Shiblee Muneer described the history of miniature paintings in Pakistan and the role of his forefathers in development and evolution of the miniature art in Pakistan. In her remarks, Noureen Rashid explained the contours of the contemporary art scene in Pakistan.

She also briefed the audience about the techniques involved in the formation of specially prepared colors as well as handmade art paper called Wasli. Elora Julie expressed gratitude to the Embassy of Pakistan for patronizing the event and underscored that such event would act as a bridge between the people of the two countries.

The event was attended by art enthusiasts, civil society members, members of the diplomatic corps and media representatives. The event was followed by traditional Pakistani cuisine which was highly appreciated by the participants.

In Lahore, Noureen Rashid and Shiblee Muneer form a duo of artists, working both together and separately. They belong to the family of miniature artists of the Court of Patiala, India and the tradition has been in the family since the 16th century at least.