13 June | 2024

Lahore, Pakistan

Love has power to create understanding, a sense of unity

Love is a concept that has captivated poets, philosophers, and thinkers for centuries. It’s the driving force behind countless works of art, literature, and...

Incredible power of finding yourself in your wardrobe

Have you ever stopped to consider how the clothes we wear influence our sense of identity, self-esteem and social interaction? A person's wardrobe is...

Hope gives humans a strength to live, try new things

Green spirituality is an orientation to the supreme reality that is grounded in our experience of life on the planet earth. It respects the...

Hina Afzal

Hina Afzal, born and raised in Lahore, is associated with the Presbyterian Church of Pakistan as coordinator for the Women Development Desk. She is also coordinator for youth at the Ecumenical Commission for Human Development, a non-profit organization that is working with a vision to build a world free from poverty, disease and injustice.