13 June | 2024

Lahore, Pakistan

Good things are on ‘other side’ of your comfort zone

The planet and its inhabitants are constantly in a race to get to a location where nobody can go and fulfill their hopes and...

Our education system must support students to develop critical thinking, skills and creativity

Fostering a growth mindset can reignite intrinsic motivation in youngsters, encouraging them to engage actively in studies, seeking knowledge, and cultivate a passion for learning

Our brains will ‘naturally’ change if we expand our minds to new ideas

Education, as the world's light, has a power to bring about radical changes in our societies. I believe that everyone is ready to acknowledge...

Parents can manage multiple roles with work-life balance, effective management

Parenting is a position that is frequently seen as having both high benefits and heavy demands. Being a parent entails having resources required to...

Sahar Munawar

Sahar Munawar, born and raised in ancient Taxila City, is a young writer and blogger. She is student of BS Clinical Psychology from the Shifa Tameer-e-Millat University in Islamabad.