14 April | 2024

Lahore, Pakistan

By developing young leaders, Arete is a vision to serve unreached

Pak Mission Society has a dream to produce a high-grade cadre of young leaders and managers to serve in all walks of national life

I still remember coming across a random yet catchy advertisement on a social media platform about a six month long Youth Development Internship Program (YDIP-13) for fresh graduates. The form itself presented quite lengthy, difficult, and self-exploratory questions that I submitted without any hint about the Pak Mission Society – one of the leading humanitarian non-governmental organization established by a group of professionals currently being headed by Adeel Rehmat. After some days, I was long-listed for an introductory video submission that I submitted almost upon the deadline. It too was a part of the rigorous screening at the hands of society’s administration.

Having cleared both phases of selection process, I was shortlisted for my final interview at the society’s headquarters in Islamabad. It was the new-year’s cold January, the kind of cold that makes one hopeless and not leave the comfort of bed. However, I made it to my interview despite of the fog that made the journey from Jhelum to Islamabad prolonged and perilous. Upon my arrival, I was then asked to answer an essay type question which was also a part of my screening for the YDIP-13. At last, my detailed interview was conducted which included problem solving questions, communication assessments, and other related questions.

I had to go through all these steps before landing in the premises and registering myself as a successful candidate for the Youth Development Internship Program. Recalling my experience, this is the first time that I have come across an organization constituting top-notch professionals, academicians, and theologians from diverse backgrounds working together. My interest piqued once more when I came to know about Arete – a Greek word meaning excellence – during a five-day orientation about the society and its hierarchy. It is a vision to serve the unreached by developing leaders who carry essence of excellence.

It is their mission and vision to strengthen men and women alike to produce a high-grade cadre of leaders and managers to serve in all walks of national and religion-focused life. The name Arete was inspired from the Holy Bible. Currently, Arete institute of leadership and management is being led by Prof Dr Maqsood Kamil, whose career is nothing short of extraordinary achievements. He is leading YDIP-13 and grooming youngsters focusing on three pillars of holistic development with a passionate team of professionals alongside. The beauty of the program is that it focuses on, number one personal pillar, to make the candidates as well-groomed as they can be to outshine others in the open market.

‘Pak Mission Society shares love, brings hope, dignity, and respect among community members’

The society has allotted space for hostel in their residence for YDIP candidates coming from different cities. From preparing one’s own meal to interacting with one another in a peaceful manner, Arete administration looks after everything to make sure that candidates have skills for the ultimate survival that is life itself. Moreover, many activities such as hiking trips, field trips, and a sports gala is a great recreational opportunity for the participants. Secondly, YDIP focuses on the spiritual pillar, which is meant for grooming its young internees with the purpose of developing a strong spiritual and holistic character.

The purpose of this program is to increase the employability of youngsters, to see them on mainstream positions, and to place them on a progressive trajectory. In addition to this, it is also the purpose of this program to contribute to the government’s 2025 Vision of growth momentum and economic development. A morning devotion is the head-start of the internees before going to their respective deputed departments. The morning devotion is led usually by Prof Dr Maqsood Kamil himself. This kind of system gives hope for the holistic development of youth and I am hundred percent sure that this program will soon cover the entirety of Pakistan for greater good.

Arete institute of leadership and management is being led by Prof Dr Maqsood Kamil
Arete institute of leadership and management is being led by Prof Dr Maqsood Kamil

At last, the final horizon that Arete is targeting for, is the professional pillar, meant for grooming of the youth. The society has a complete infrastructure with its own HR Department, operations, programs, communications, etc. This setup provides a safe and professional space for young internees to learn the norms of a work place. From necessary documentation to pitching their own business ideas, the society has it all, it has everything to offer to the young internees who make it to the society. I am certainly proud of the way the society is working to bring positive change in the youth.

This year, they have commenced their first Pastors Development Internship Program (PDIP) that will focus on the holistic development of young graduate pastors form different areas of Pakistan. So far, 12 cohorts have been passed out of the Youth Development Internship Program and I am part of the 13th cohort of the program. I am hoping to gain as much as I can from this place to groom myself in a holistic manner and I am sure that I will be encouraging a lot of young fellows to apply for this initiative which has a potential to change lives of young ones.