13 June | 2024

Lahore, Pakistan

Calligrapher Zahid Mayo sees art power to unleash potential of young minds

The Little Art founder Shoaib Iqbal suggests art education in shaping individuals; recognizes impact of calligraphy workshop on young artists

Renowned calligrapher and mentor Zahid Mayo has said that art has a power to unleash the potential of young minds, and it has been an absolute pleasure to mentor young artists in the art of calligraphy.

“Through an exhibition, we aim to showcase the brilliant journey these children have embarked upon, and the immense talent they possess,” he said while speaking during an inspiring child calligraphy exhibition, curated by the calligrapher, in Lahore.

The art pieces displayed in the exhibition were prepared by young students in one month workshop and exhibition was held at the Aangun- Center for Learning and Culture. Iqbal Salahuddin inaugurated the exhibition as distinguished guest and felicitated the young artists with well-deserved awards.

During month-long workshop, children explores art of calligraphy, various styles, techniques, and tools to express creativity

Zahid Mayo took the helm in guiding a month-long calligraphy workshop during July, nurturing and honing the artistic skills of these talented young minds. Under his expert guidance, the children explored the art of calligraphy, delving into various styles, techniques, and tools to express their creativity.

Calligrapher Zahid Mayo sees art power to unleash potential of young minds
An exhibition at Aangun – Center for Learning and Culture in Lahore.

During the workshop, the young artists had the unique opportunity to interact with esteemed calligrapher Irfan Ahmed Qureshi, who joined as a guest speaker. Irfan Qureshi shared his wisdom and insights about the significance of calligraphy, inspiring the young minds to delve deeper into the world of this ancient art form.

“We believe that art education is essential in shaping well-rounded individuals, and it is heartening to see the impact of the calligraphy workshop on these young artists,” Shoaib Iqbal, founder of The Little Art, remarked. “We are grateful to Zahid Mayo and Irfan Ahmed Qureshi for their invaluable contribution in nurturing the creative spirit of these children.”

Calligrapher Zahid Mayo sees art power to unleash potential of young minds
During workshop, young artists also interacted with calligrapher Irfan Ahmed Qureshi

The exhibition is a testament to The Little Art’s commitment to providing a nurturing space for young artists to flourish and showcasing their artistic endeavors to a wider audience. Besides art enthusiasts, parents, teachers, and the wider community were warmly invited to attend this captivating exhibition and support these budding artists.