13 June | 2024

Lahore, Pakistan

Changing room bulb can be a ‘first step’ for a girl on her way to freedom

On this International Women’s Day, it is time for ‘powerful elite’ to make women so strong and self-dependent and they should not wait for a male to come and guide them

In our house, the room bulb was fused and my sister proudly said that she will herself change the bulb. I stopped her, considering it was my duty as being a male to take care of my sister and save herself from the risk of getting any electric shock. Later, I realized that I did wrong by stopping her from changing room bulb that can be a ‘first step’ for my sister on her way to freedom.

The day, I realized my mistake, and I decided not to stop her in future from any kind of such move that may boost her confidence. These activities which some members of this society have linked with men are not basically gender roles, they are just life skills which everybody irrespective of gender must possess. Women demanding equality are often taunted in such a way that they cannot change tyre of a car.

Does a vehicle’s tyre have anything to do with women or men? Is changing tyre a gender role? The people who make such types of taunts probably have no idea about how cars are manufactured. They do not even know how many females are working in car manufacturing factories and changing tyres are their daily tasks. We can observe that the women are also involve in tough jobs which are more difficult than just changing tyres.

A brother accompanying his sister to her school or college looks good but why not she is brought up in such a way that she is able to take care of herself. We have example of noble laureate Malala Yousafzai who is a symbol of courage. She spoke against extremists at a time when ‘brave men’ did not even dare to point out what was going on there in their peaceful region. Malala’s father had supported her to achieve her dreams of getting education.

Recently, Advocate Sabahat Rizvi has been elected as the secretary of the Lahore High Court Bar Association. She is the first secretary in 150 years history of the bar association. It is pertinent to mention here that he father was also the chief supporter of women’s rights and self-dependency. He wanted his daughters to be raised in such a way that they might be able to live without the support of any male and this resulted in his daughter’s victory in elections in a male dominant bar association.

On this International Women’s Day, it is time for ‘powerful elite’ to make their women so strong and self-dependent that they should not wait for any male to come and go shop grocery for them or change tyres for them. It is time to make women so confident that they should be free to make decisions of their own life by themselves.