22 May | 2024

Lahore, Pakistan

Dance inspires everyone to celebrate, learn new styles

Art experts call dance ‘poetry of the body’ to convey a narrative through movements, gestures of a performer

The International Dance Day is a global celebration – created by the UNESCO-backed Dance Committee of the International Theater Institute – on April 29 every year to highlight amazing diversity and talent of dancers all over the world, including Pakistan.

Experts often referred dance as ‘poetry of the body’ to convey a narrative through movements and gestures of a performer. Commonly performed as an expression of joy and celebration, dancing is observed in nearly every culture. The whole vibe of the global day is letting loose and moving to the beat of a favorite music.

Dancers encourage their followers to celebrate dance, as there are various dance styles for people of all ages, rhythm capabilities

It is interesting that the dancers always encourage their friends and followers to celebrate their favorite type of dance while learning new styles. According to the artists, there are dance styles for people of all ages and rhythm capabilities. At different events, they said that youngsters take over the dance floor and receive huge applause after demonstrating unique sequences.

In Pakistan, a diverse range of dance forms are practiced, including classical and folk dances, along with Punjabi, Sindhi, Pashtoon, Balochi, Seraiki, and other regional styles that hold a significant place. It is pertinent to mention here that folk dance is of substantial importance as every region has its own distinctive dance styles that reflect culture of that particular area.


Young actor, dancer, and choreographer Shahid Baloch told Jarida Daily that he can conceive, create, and direct dance and movement in a wide range of performance contexts, including theater, film, television, and live events. “We can see that changing times has opened various avenues through social media for aspiring performers to pursue dance as a profession,” he said.

“For me, dancing is a way to express myself, let loose and connect with others. Dance has influenced my life by giving me a creative outlet and helping me discover my true passion,” he said, adding that the art has shaped his identity as an artist and taught him discipline, persistence and the power of storytelling through movement. “Dance has brought so much joy and fulfillment to my life,” he said.

Calling dance incredibly important, he said it’s a beautiful way to celebrate and showcase different cultures. “I believe that dance helps preserve traditions, express emotions and bring people together. It broadens cultural identity by highlighting unique movements, music and costumes of diverse regions,” he said. “We can learn about and appreciate diversity through dance. It is a powerful tool for cultural exchange and understanding,” he said.

Shahid Baloch believes dance breaks down barriers, fosters understanding, and promotes respect for one another

“I remember attending a dance festival in the United States where people from different communities came together to celebrate their love for dance. It was such a vibrant and inclusive event. People of all ages and backgrounds were dancing, laughing, and enjoying themselves. The energy in the air was contagious, and you could feel sense of unity and connection among everyone there,” Shahid Baloch said, calling this experience a powerful reminder of how dance has ability to bring communities together and create a shared experience.

Dance inspires everyone to celebrate, learn new styles
Shahid Baloch, and other artists performing on a stage

When dancers from different communities collaborate, it creates a beautiful opportunity for cultural exchange and understanding. By learning from each other’s dance styles, techniques, and traditions, dancers can gain a deeper appreciation and respect for different cultures. “Through collaborative performances, dancers can showcase richness and diversity of their respective cultures. It’s a powerful way to build bridges, foster peace, and create a more harmonious world,” he said, adding that dance truly has ability to connect communities.

“Dance allows all of us to learn about each other’s cultures, traditions, and values in a fun and engaging way,” the young artist said. “I believe that dance breaks down barriers, fosters understanding, and promotes respect for one another. Through dance, we can appreciate beauty of different cultures and build lasting connections that promote unity and harmony,” he said. “It’s a wonderful way to celebrate our diversity and strengthen cultural ties between communities,” he said.

About various dance forms, Shahid Baloch said that hip-hop dance has adeptness to bring people together from all walks of life. “For us, hip-hop dance promotes self-expression, creativity, and unity, making it a powerful tool for cultural exchange,” he said, adding salsa is often danced by people of diverse backgrounds, fostering connections and embracing cultural diversity. He said that there were countless dance forms that can help bridge cultural gap and promote understanding.