14 April | 2024

Lahore, Pakistan

Dr Sadia Nasir shares views on extremism, narrative building

Researcher Dr Sadia Nasir suggests inclusive counter-narrative efforts with inputs from civil society representatives, local ethnic leaders, religious scholars, media professionals, students, and marginalized gender groups

The Centre for International Strategic Studies (CISS) hosted a book talk event in Muzaffarabad, featuring Dr Sadia Nasir, a distinguished researcher and author of “Extremism and counter-extremism narratives in Pakistan: An analysis of narrative building,” a thought-provoking work.

The event kicked off with an introduction, paving the way for Dr Sadia Nasir’s presentation. Immersed in the intricacies of her book, she provided a meticulous analysis of extremism and counter-extremism narratives in Pakistan. Her presentation illuminated the impact of these narratives, underscoring their role in reinforcing narrow religious, cultural, and social identities within the country.

The event embraced a discussion format guided by questions, expertly moderated by Research Officer Qurat-ul-Ain Shabbir. During the discussion, Dr Sadia Nasir emphasized the pivotal significance of tackling the underlying causes of extremism, with a specific focus on the misinterpretation of religious teachings. She illuminated deficiencies in existing counter-narrative strategies.

She also pointed out tendency to neglect imperative for a broader and more encompassing approach, one that extends beyond militaristic measures in counter-terrorism initiatives. Advocating for inclusive counter-narrative efforts, she emphasized the necessity of amplifying diverse voices, including religious scholars, local ethnic leaders, civil society representatives, media professionals, students, and marginalized gender groups.

The event concluded with closing remarks from Executive Director Dr Asma Shakir Khawaja, encapsulating significance of the dialogue and emphasizing imperative for ongoing scholarly engagement in the collective effort to combat extremism. She presented a souvenir to Dr Sadia Nasir, acknowledging her contribution to the discourse on extremism and counter-extremism in Pakistan.

Dr Asma Khawaja acknowledges Dr Sadia Nasir’s contribution to discourse on extremism and counter-extremism in Pakistan

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