13 June | 2024

Lahore, Pakistan

FM suggests inclusion of April 10 in school syllabus just like August 14

Bilawal Bhutto says new generation should know about importance of National Constitutional Day, as they may know about national independence

Minister for Foreign Affairs Bilawal Bhutto has said that April 10 is a historical day for Pakistan and this day should be a part of the school syllabus to teach to the new generation about importance of the National Constitutional Day just like national independence of August 14, 1947.

Speaking at a Golden Jubilee Convention of the 1973 Constitution held at the National Assembly Hall in Islamabad, he said the April 10 was a historical day as Pakistan got its unanimous constitution. Underlining the need for unity among political and democratic forces, he said all institutions should work in their constitutional ambit to bring Pakistan out of problems.

Bilawal Bhutto said that the undemocratic forces always took advantage of differences among the politicians and political parties in the past. “It is a right time to forge unity and work jointly for political and economic stability in Pakistan.” He said that the 1973 Constitution was unanimously passed by this august house and kept intact all the provinces of the country.

‘In 1973, Zulfikar Ali Bhutto united broken and scattered country through a unanimous constitution’

He said April 10 was the foundation day of Pakistan’s 50 years of political struggle. In 1973, former prime minister Zulfikar Ali Bhutto united the broken and scattered country through a unanimous constitution. He said that the Constitution of 1973 gave Pakistan a way forward to tread the path of progress and constitutionalism.

He went on to say that former prime ministers Benazir Bhutto and Nawaz Sharif inked a Charter of Democracy in 2006 as the undemocratic forces always took benefit of differences and communication gaps among the political parties in the past. He said that the Pakistan People’s Party not only restored the 1973 Constitution in letter and spirit but also provided rights to the provinces besides giving them their identity.

However, the minister for foreign affairs said undemocratic forces started conspiracies against the Charter of Democracy and imposed a ‘selected ruler’ aimed at abrogating the unanimous constitution of 1973 and cleared the way for setting up of ‘one unit’ again. However, he said some elements in various institutions did not want the historic charter and political unity.

He said that such elements wanted their selected rule besides imposing a selected again for their personal gains. He said that they had 10 years plan and if that doctrine continued, there would be the murder of merit in other institutions. He pointed out that a ‘one man show’ and dictatorship always remained contrary to democracy.

Bilawal Bhutto says ‘one man show’ and dictatorship always remained contrary to democracy

Bilawal Bhutto said that there were some judges who always rejected dictatorship and gave their dissenting notes against the undemocratic step. However, he regretted that some judges who were bound to defend the constitution supported the dictator and announced decisions against the prime minister.

He appealed to the Chief Justice of Pakistan to sit with his brother judges and sort out differences to uphold the integrity and dignity of the court in the eyes of the people. He expressed confidence that the consensus of the Supreme Court would withstand any conspiracy to subvert the constitution.

He said that the incumbent finance minister was making strides to foil attack on the economy from the ousted ‘ruler.’ Besides parliamentarians from Senate and the National Assembly, legal and constitutional experts, educationists, and prominent figures from different fields of life also attended the convention.