13 June | 2024

Lahore, Pakistan

Much work remains to be done for a girl to have same opportunities as a boy

Iconic Aurat March movement is an innovative change in Pakistan’s society and a step against extremist groups, a specific mindset

The iconic Aurat March has its roots since the era of military ruler General Zia Ul Haq where the women stood against his social restrictions. On one side, we should celebrate girls are attending school in greater numbers than ever before, and women are increasingly entering the labor force and leading businesses. But much work remains to be done for a girl born today to have the same opportunities as a boy.

Looking at the brighter side of the picture, the Aurat March movement is an innovative change in the society and a step against the extremist groups. According to diffusion of innovation theory, there are four steps which decide how fast an innovation or change diffuses in the society. Some of our society’s members are a bit rigid when it comes to their belief systems. So it might take some time to diffuse the movement’s concept.

With the maximum exposure to such movements like Aurat March it might help to cultivate a new beautiful reality in the minds of both younger and older generations. Every year, the movement is getting stronger with increased influx of people from across the society rushing towards it. To find the solution to any problem, it’s important to first recognize and acknowledge the issue.

In such a patriarchal society, the movements like Aurat March are highlighting such issues hence making people acknowledge them as an issue and not to see them as a part of culture. As we can observe that domestic violence, ‘honor’ killing, harassment, and unequal rights are not part of Pakistan’s culture and norms but are real issue and they are needed to be addressed as issues.

Aurat March is hence encouraging women to acknowledge these issues and stand for their rights. The government and media should work in integration with the other related institutions to make this movement workable and propagate it’s essence as purely and steadily as possible. On this Women’s Day, let’s acknowledge the issues and get ready to fight for it for ourselves because women rights are human rights.

Happy Women’s Day