13 June | 2024

Lahore, Pakistan

Novelist, poet Nain Sukh shares views on Punjabi language, literature

School of Creative Arts invites famous writer to share views with university’s students, faculty during 'Meet the Author' session

LAHORE: The School of Creative Arts of the University of Lahore has arranged a discussion session with famous novelist, short story writer, poet and a researcher Nain Sukh – Khalid Mahmood – to discuss Punjabi language and literature.

During the ‘Meet the Author’ session, he informed the audience that Punjabi was an Indo-Aryan language of the Punjab region with approximately 113 million native speakers. In Pakistan, he said that Punjabi was the most widely-spoken first language, with 80.5 million native speakers as per the 2017 census.

On the occasion, he suggested some of the best books to audience to enhance knowledge about languages, especially about Punjabi language and literature. He also shared the history and impact of the language that is spoken in many dialects in various regions of the Punjab region.

Nain Sukh is very sensitive to problem of Punjabi families not transferring their language to their kith and kin like all other activists. “We can observe that there are some Punjabis who speak to their children in Urdu or in English instead of their own language,” he said, and shared his views on language’s use at provincial and institution levels.

During the Question-Answer session, the university students asked questions about the Punjabi language and literature besides writers and poets of this language. Answering the questions, Nain Sukh shared with the students list of famous Punjabi literature. “We should try to speak in Punjabi at least with our fellows from the same language background,” he said.

Upon arrival, faculty members of the School of Creative Arts welcomed the guest speaker. Lecturer Ammar Yassir moderated the session, and informed the guest about the ‘Meet the Author’ initiative. “Our faculty at the School of Creative Arts is a highly creative and experienced group of professionals,” he said.

The School of Creative Arts is committed to providing an education that develops technical, theoretical, and creative skills necessary for success in a rapidly changing media landscape. “Our university is dedicated to preparing our students to become tomorrow’s leaders in the creative media industry,” he said.

Nain Sukh is the pen name of Khalid Mahmood, who is advocate by profession and a prolific poet and writer by passion. Born in Sargodha, and settled in Lahore, he opted for a unique pen name – Nain Sukh which is from Punjabi language and representative of Punjabi culture.