22 May | 2024

Lahore, Pakistan

NUML confers honorary PhD degree on Dr Jamileh Alamolhoda

Iranian president’s wife visits National University in Islamabad; inaugurates a cultural festival; interacts with faculty and students; launches English version of her book – The Art of Living Femininely

Dr Jamileh-Sadat Alamolhoda, wife of the Iranian president, visited the National University of Modern Languages (NUML) in Islamabad, inaugurated a cultural festival and took round of various national and international stalls showcasing different cultures and their traditions.

Speaking on the occasion, she said that Islam had enlightened the whole world with its teachings about knowledge 1400 years ago. “Knowledge without ethics has no value,” she said. NUML Rector Shahid Mahmood Kayani, Director General Shahzad Munir, faculty members and a large number of students were present on the occasion.

Dr Jamileh Alamolhoda shows desire to explore academic collaboration

In her address, Dr Jamileh Alamolhoda said that during the colonial era, religious leaders of Iran and this part of the region played a significant role to keep the nations united. She admired the role of Pakistan’s national poet Allama Dr Muhammad Iqbal in preserving the Islamic message of knowledge and ethics. She also spoke at the launch of her own book – The Art of Living Femininely.

The book offers a critical exploration of the concept of woman who like an incomplete man seeks her completeness through a masculine lens, aspiring to equality with men. It challenges the prevailing assumptions about women’s lives, which are rooted in economic domination, and traces these assumptions back to the economic approach in the humanities. This book represents the first step toward a transformative approach in humanities research.

The visiting dignitary praised NUML’s role in knowledge production and dissemination and also desired to explore possibilities of mutual academic collaboration in the fields of science and technology and languages. She thanked the NUML administration for a warm welcome and on providing her an opportunity to interact with the faculty and the students.

Speaking on the occasion, the NUML rector said that Pakistan and Iran enjoyed historic, brotherly, and mutually trusted bilateral relations, and they also had deep-rooted people-to-people ties. The Iranian guest was conferred on an honorary PhD degree in educational sciences by the rector. It is pertinent to mention here that the honorary PhD degree is awarded in recognition of her outstanding achievements and contributions to the field.

Dr Jamileh Alamolhoda also visited the Pakistan Sweet Home Centre where she was received by National Assembly Member Aseefa Bhutto. She commended the role played by the Pakistan Sweet Home in providing a safe and nurturing environment to orphaned children. She underlined the impact of supporting young generations for a successful future for the nation. Special prayers were offered for the oppressed people of Palestine.