14 April | 2024

Lahore, Pakistan

Nurturing, empowering young minds thru wilderness-based leadership movement

Leopardship 3.0 to unlock potential of young people, to develop their interpersonal, social leadership skills during two-day expedition in heart of Islamabad’s Margallah Hills

Volunteer Force Pakistan and Rah-e-Nau Constellation are ready to bring exiting third edition of a national youth leadership expedition named as Leopardship for a two-day in the third week of April in heart of Islamabad’s Margallah Hills, according to event organizers.

As many as 500 youngsters from various background and from different areas will explore, learn, and collaborate while creating a community that will generate impact from the Margallah Hills, reaching into the various communities. Through online platforms, webinars, and mentor connections, the participants will have ongoing opportunities for growth in the post expedition period, extended at a minimum to 12-month engagement.

Speaking with Jarida Daily, Rah-e-Nau Constellation CEO Raheel Nazir Chaudhry called Leopardship a blend of adventure and wisdom, where nature meets leadership. “We are very much clear in our vision to empower young individuals to be beacons of inspiration that bring social impact through environmentally sustainable and ethically driven initiatives,” he said.

“Leopardship isn’t just a wilderness expedition, but an invitation to become leaders of positive change that adopt lessons learned from nature in the heart of Islamabad’s Margallah Hills,” he said. “Let the wilderness be the canvas that paints your leadership story,” he said while urging the youth to join the upcoming adventurous learning experience. “We are going to uncover a leader in each young person,” he said.

Raheel Chaudhry calls Leopardship a blend of adventure and wisdom, where nature meets leadership

Volunteer Force Pakistan CEO Usman Raza Jolaha termed the two-day leadership expedition a unique adventure where some of the brightest young minds will meet and learn from top notch speakers. Outside a comfort zone, “we are stepping into a scenic campsites, and exhilarating treks to forge connections, challenge perspectives, and ignite the leadership potential within each individual,” he told Jarida Daily.

“We will engage in open dialogues, tackle real-world scenarios, and push each other’s boundaries in a setting that fosters collaboration, growth, and maybe even a little friendly competition,” he said. “I believe that youngsters will discover an inner leader alongside building a network of likeminded individuals, and will gain future shaping insights,” he said, and asked the young people to leave their comfort zone far behind.

Leopardship Program Manager Rida Raheel called the initiative as a fusion of leopards and leadership that symbolizes indomitable spirit of these young individuals. “In the wild, leopards embody survival instincts, resilience, adoptability, and self-reliance. As we bring these qualities into these future leaders, our initiative becomes a journey of self-discovery, resilience building, and fostering a spirit of adaptability among young people,” she said.

Usman Jolaha says brightest young minds will meet and learn from top notch speakers during leadership expedition

The dynamic participants will navigate through a series of immersive experience during the national youth leadership expedition, cultivating essential business and social leadership skills, said Shazil Fatima, who heads the communication at Leopardship. Each with unique stories from the ‘guardian angels,’ she said that the youngsters will not only merely attend lectures, but also engage in captivating storytelling sessions. “We are expecting narration of at least fifty entrepreneurial stories that resonate far beyond the event,” she said.

“I am sure that all the success narratives will serves as beacons, inspiring future leaders to tread their path of leadership and impact,” she said. It is noted that the expedition will conclude with a commitment that the actual leadership journey will continue far beyond the gathering. To celebrate diversity, the participants will showcase their cultural attire, as food stalls will also offer a taste of Pakistan’s rich food tapestry.

Khamis NK Alturk, a Palestinian student of international relations in Islamabad, told Jarida Daily that he was thrilled to be part of the expedition, saying the upcoming Leopardship will surely encourage individuals to explore their strength, talent, and passion, besides empowering youngsters to express themselves with a confidence. “I am expecting a lot of meaningful engagements during wonderful leadership expeditions,” he said.