13 June | 2024

Lahore, Pakistan

Parents must know what their kids want to study

Kids must be given free hand to choose a profession of their own choice, as they will be able to render services in a better way

By Sana Asif

Parents should know the style of learning of their kids, as it is one of the most important aspects of kids. We can understand that the parents provide their kids all necessities and facilities. Learning of something has a special significance in conformity to make kids an important part of the society. Before we discuss the different important aspects of child learning style, we should know what is learning? How kids are learning? How their minds accept different things? If kids are not mentally strong then it will be a great hurdle in way of learning. When kids are not good at learning new things, then they always remain in problems. Even, they seem to be flummoxed.

\We can just suggest parents to work on their kids, and make all possible efforts for their grooming. This work should start as early as possible before any abysmal situation arises. The parents should spend as much time as possible with their kids. We must remember that the kids need the care, love, attention, and affability of their parents. The behavior of parents affects behavior of their kids, so they must try to motivate and encourage their kids, instead castigating them on minor things. The parents must accolade the working of kids. We should abstain from abusing our kids. When we abet our kids, it makes their mental knack to become stronger.

Our behavior towards our kids should be very polite and loving. In this way, kids will develop an interest in different activities and they will not abscond from their responsibilities. We should behave in such a manner that our kids shouldn’t be questioned. Our working on our kids should be continuous if we will take breaks or if we show negligence it may result in a screeching halt. We should avoid every disruption in this regard. It is a misconception in different societies that learning is only what we read in school, college or university. It is wrong to consider this as learning. The fact is that we are always in a learning procedure.

Even when we are sitting in the library for study it is our learning. Even when we are not studying anything but we are sitting and observing other people silently, it is also a kind of learning. The bottom line is that we are always learning new things from our surroundings. The environment provided to the kids by the parents should be cordial. Kids should live freely and enjoy their best. Now, we will look what are those aspects that parents should keep in mind while bringing up their kids. We can see different common hurdles that most of the kids face in their childhood. One of the most common diseases is dyslexia. It is such disease in which the kids are deprived of the knack to recognize words. This is such a problem which we all face in our childhood.

‘Our behavior towards our kids should be very polite and loving’

With time, we start to recognize words. We shouldn’t be panic about it. We should work on our kids. Some of the kids are afraid to enter the classroom for the first time. But as time passes they get adjusted. They start to make new friends. They start taking interest in studies, going to school and sharing lunch with other fellows is a pleasant experience. All kids who are studying in one classroom are not from families of the same status but they make friends. We should bring up to our children that he should be a loving person. We shouldn’t tell him that what is the difference of race, color, or creed? We should teach him that all are equal.

In underdeveloped countries, one problem is availability of resources and facilities. These countries have a lot of distinction in their societies. Some are very poor and they can’t afford high expenditures of their kids. They have lack resources to earn more. They are not able to provide quality education to their kids. This is such a situation in which parents should keep a very close eye on their kids that what they are learning from the society. Parents should manage those activities for their kids in which the performance of their kids is improving. It is also essential that parents must note the past activities of their kids. Parents should try to understand the nature of their kids. Some kids are very active. Some kids are lazy to carry out certain tasks. If a family has four kids it is a difficult task to handle all of them according to their choices.

The parents should work to know likes and dislikes and living style of their kids. What does he like to eat, to watch, and to play? What are his favorite dress colors? Different kids are good at different subjects. Some are good in physics, and some are good in chemistry while some are good in biology. All kids don’t have the same interests. It is responsibility of the parents that they must know what their kids want to study. The parents shouldn’t compel their kids to study a particular subject. They shouldn’t force their kids to choose a profession of their own choice. Kids must be given free hand in this regard. When kids will choose professions of their choice they will be able to render services in a better way. It is all dependent on parents how they understand their kids. How they work on their kids to make them a better part of the society.

Sana Asif, born and raised in Lahore, is student of the National University of Modern Languages