14 April | 2024

Lahore, Pakistan

Queen Daro in ‘hot tub’ after her fresh marriage news

Millions of followers storm internet to express their opinions regarding fashion influencer’s decision to leave her first husband, children

Creating a social media profile comes with multiple risks. While most people might think that getting hacked is what’s risky, the reality is different. Putting one’s private life on display for millions to view and have an opinion on is where the threat lies.

Queen Daro, a social media personality with millions of followers, is among the increasing number of people who have made a living out of this trendy profession. The latest news has left her fans in disbelief with rising speculation about the most recent development in her story in the world of social media, where bling meets reality.

Many supporters continue to stand by Queen Daro’s side by asserting that “it’s her life. Why is everyone in her business?”

The influencer was formerly praised for having a seemingly ‘ideal’ family life with a financially stable husband and two kids. However, she has since found herself in the spotlight after it was revealed that she left her ‘perfect’ family for a wealthier suitor. The influencer, who attracted hundreds of thousands of followers with each post, had made a fortune by projecting a picture of a happy family.

Earlier, Instagram stream of the influencer was a carefully organized display of happy times at home, from charming photos of family holidays to heart-touching pictures with her kids. But recent events have destroyed this façade, raising concerns and criticism from her formerly devoted fan base. The fashion influencer is known to have married a Karachi-based person and soon flying to Germany for a ‘better’ life.

However, the facade shortly fell apart when Queen Daro began receiving gifts through her TikTok Live from a Britain-based businessperson. The gifts turned to courtship, followed by news of marriage. Following many days of major media attention and internet discussion, Queen Daro finally spoke out about the matter in an emotional message shared on her Instagram story.

She disclosed in her statement that before her second marriage, she had been separated from her ex-husband for two years. She made it clear that despite this, she continues to prioritize her kids’ well-being and is committed to providing for and raising them to the best of her abilities. The responses to this disclosure have been quick and sharply divided, with many people expressing their dislike towards the ‘new’ man in Queen Daro’s life and claiming to be deceived by the influencer’s ‘well-constructed’ online persona.

Fashion influencer has mostly kept quiet and declined to speak more than required
Fashion influencer has mostly kept quiet and declined to speak more than required

Queen Daro’s social media accounts were deluged with criticism, resulting in a massive decline in the following numbers. Other social media personalities haven’t held back in expressing their thoughts regarding this matter, with Yasir Shami playing the ‘reporter’ for thousands and referencing the blockbuster drama serial “Mere Pass Tum Ho.” Written by Khalil ur Rehman Qamar, the drama follows the story of a humble, loving man who strives to provide a good life for his wife and child but is faced by the haunting reality of being bested by a rich suitor, losing his beloved to him.

Commenting on Queen Daro’s decision to leave her first husband, millions have stormed the internet to express their personal opinions regarding the matter. Some followers expressed their concern for the influencer’s children, whom they said would now have to grow up in a divided household. Many supporters have continued to stand by the young influencer’s side by asserting that, “it’s her life. Why is everyone in her business?”

‘Freedom of speech does not equal freedom to hurl abuses or be blatantly disrespectful towards another human being’

Throughout the uproar, the influencer has mostly kept quiet and declined to speak more than required. Her sudden disappearance from social media, nevertheless, has only served to heighten misinformation, with many people wondering what the future has in store for her and her family. The storyline serves as a sobering reminder of the difficulties of reality behind social media stars’ screens.

A seemingly ‘ideal’ life can sometimes hide a far more complex and tumultuous reality. For a time being, the influencer’s once-loyal fans are forced to face the unsettling possibility that their ‘idol’ might not be who they once believed her to be. This serves as a reminder for the internet surfers to be more careful when sharing their opinion about someone’s life.

Freedom of speech does not equal freedom to hurl abuses or be blatantly disrespectful towards another human being. Each day, the society witnesses an increase in ‘keyboard warriors’ who refuse to build a better life for themselves and fill the gaping hole in their lives by obsessing over someone else’s.