15 April | 2024

Lahore, Pakistan

‘Safar-e-Hasti’ to create harmony, peace, acceptance among youngsters

Project coordinator Humna Rathor says visiting different places of worship will create more open space for all communities to understand, and accept each other’s beliefs

Safar-e-Hasti coordinator Humna Rathor shared highlights of a group visit to a church, and meeting Christian people; a temple of Sanatam Dharama, and meeting Hindu community members; and Gurdwara and meeting Sikh community members as a unique experience to know communities, settled in and around Lahore.

“I am very much excited to know about various religious communities in Lahore, and their religions, and belief system, and cultures that really inspire me a lot,” she told Jarida Daily in her remarks after concluding trip of youngsters from various universities to the worship places of three religions. “We are thankful to Center for Human Rights Education for supporting this diversity walk,” she said.

‘Safar-e-Hasti’ to create harmony, peace, acceptance among youngsters
At Masjid Wazir Khan

“We will also arrange more visits to places of different places of worships, that will include temple of Aadhi Dharam, and meeting Valmiki community; and Spiritual Assembly of Baha’i faith and their followers; besides a visit to recently-restored temple of Jain,” she said. “We are really excited to read about Jainism that teaches it followers a path to enlightenment through nonviolence and reducing harm to living things as much as possible.”

Group management members Umer Ibrahim, Afaq Mokal, and Hamza Tariq told Jarida Daily that the delegation visited the Cathedral Church of the Resurrection, Krishna Mandir, and Gurdwara Janam Asthan Guru Ram Das during a day-long walk for peace and peaceful coexistence. In their interaction with visiting delegation, religious leaders from different faiths called for peaceful coexistence, and acceptance to all communities without prejudice.

‘Safar-e-Hasti’ to create harmony, peace, acceptance among youngsters
At Karishna Mandir

The management team said that all group members openly interacted with representatives of these houses of worship. They said that they were more interested to create tolerance and acceptance in young minds. “I am impressed with the concept of Safar-e-Hasti and unique approach towards building religious harmony and peace,” said Faizan Ali, student from the Institute of English Studies. “We all need to hear all voices around us to achieve such a motherland in which diversity of thought and belief is respected,” he said.

‘Safar-e-Hasti’ to create harmony, peace, acceptance among youngsters
At Cathedral Church of the Resurrection

“I believe that religious freedom is so important in forging a better society,” said Shabnam Huma, a student of English literature. According to a data, four out of five people on Earth align themselves with one religious tradition or another, she said, adding that being able to decide not to align with a tradition was an important freedom too. “I am really happy to meet people from different religious background and their philosophy of life,” she said.

‘Safar-e-Hasti’ to create harmony, peace, acceptance among youngsters
At Gurdwara Janam Asthan Guru Ram Das