14 April | 2024

Lahore, Pakistan

Young entrepreneur introduces P4Pizza, opens first store in Lahore

CEO Ali Mughal looks forward to growing newly-launched brand systematically in next few years; says P4Pizza will become Pakistan’s most loved and trusted trademark with quality

Lahore is always ready to welcome opening of local and foreign fast-food chains to cater the growing appetite of food lovers as the food industry is a sector that has witnessed remarkable growth in Pakistan’s cultural capital.

Like foreign food chains, the local pizza market also attracting dozens of new pizza outlets in Lahore’s various markets, as the concept of pizza is not new to new generation. Despite the high competition, most new players are doing good business.

Young entrepreneur Ali Mughal recently introduced P4Pizza (P for Pizza) in Lahore with its first store in the Punjab Society of the Defense House Authority. “We are truly grateful for the unwavering love and trust of our friends and customers for becoming part of our launching ceremony,” said Ali Mughal, CEO of the P4Pizza.

‘I hope P4Pizza will gain a good following among fast-food lovers’

“We also owe success to our team members who work passionately every single day for today’s launching ceremony,” Ali Mughal said. “We are new in food market and look forward to growing the brand systematically in the next few years,” he said. “I hope that P4Pizza will gain a good following among fast-food lovers, as we will try to become Pakistan’s most loved and trusted brand with quality,” he said.

“Our pizza’s crust is crunchy on the outside, soft and fluffy on the inside, delicious cheese, the best quality toppings and a flavorful, lip-smacking herb-infused sauce,” said Ustaad Patras, the known chef, as the response from customers on the opening day has been phenomenal. “We must remember that the pizza wouldn’t be authentic if it wasn’t made with the right ingredients,” he said.

Young entrepreneur introduces P4Pizza, opens first store in Lahore
P4Pizza’s first store in Lahore

P4Pizza is offering variety of perfectly-baked pizzas, burgers, sandwiches, shawarma, wraps, appetizers, and other fast food stuff along with soft drinks. The newly-established brand follows all regulatory protocols and guidelines for maximum food hygiene. “We are using fresh vegetables and good quality ingredients in all food preparations to ensure great quality and taste,” the chef said.

“We are focusing on a delivery-centric, and digital-first approach to be relevant, easy and distinctive in order delivery,” CEO Ali Mughal said. “We will try to touch the highest delivery sales with the support of a seamless digital ordering experience, and the best value deals,” he said, adding that the brand is focusing on customer centric offerings. “I had no experience in food industry, but just a passion,” he said.